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Cloud Computing


ServFlex is a virtual server hosted in a secure training center (data center). This solution offers all the possibilities of a classic local server making it accessible remotely.

With ServFlex, you no longer need internal server. Your virtual server includes a significant amount of space to add your system environment, a disk image of your current server, software and other data.

You administer and configure it yourself or if you want, we can offer multiple services such as : installation of a terminal server application, server maintenance, management of your emails, backup, ...

With ServFlex, you win on the economic, environmental, security and mobility.


A service through which you entrust us with the management of the daily backup of your computer data. The objective is to reduce to zero the risk of data loss by implementing a procedure totally reliable backup on which you can rest confidently in the knowledge that all your data is stored.

Our mission is to ensure that you can recover at any time your lost or damaged data to allow you to continue your work in all circumstances.

In practice

Backup service and recovery of computer data are done remotely. A simple solution that fully automates this process and frees you from these operations.

DataFlex requires no investment, no hardware installation or technical competence, only a single broadband Internet connection is required to benefit from DataFlex service.

The service is immediately functional and can be started immediately.

How does it work?

Each backup is done automatically on the basis of the parameters. Modified or newly created files are selected. A control on each of these files is made to ensure that it is not damaged or corrupted.

The data is encoded with a secure encryption key known only by you.

Your local DataFlex software connects to our backup server through a secure tunnel and sends the compressed data.

A detailed report is communicated to you at the end of the procedure and inform you of the outcome.

Data Loss...

You restore at any time and anywhere your saved data . You keep your data retention up to 365 days. You can select all your data, or targeting one or more files in particular.

This selection gives you the possibility to use these backups to download the files you need on your various workplaces.

If the amount of data to be restored is too large, we can restore using one of our mobile servers.

Technical Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is designed such that it reduces to zero the risk of data loss and to restore lost or damaged files in all circumstances.

We applied the principle of redundancy to all components to ensure proper operation and availability of DataFlex Service.

Secured servers

Your data is backed up and replicated servers with RAID system.
They are both in our two Data Center which are equipped with the following safety devices :

  • System of access control with identification badge
  • Redundant power supply
  • Smoke and fire protection system
  • 100 Mbps Internet connection via multiple redundant ISP
  • Air conditioning and air treatment system


Monitoring by a team of engineers who can intervene at any time.
An alert system allows us to take preventive measures and to anticipate any incident.

Security and Privacy

Your data is encrypted at every stage of the backup or restore (256 bits).
A password known only to you protect your encryption key to lock access to your data.
The connection to our servers is determined by your computer through a secure tunnel SSL identical to that used by your application to Home Banking.
Two backups of your data is stored in data center.
Restoring files is done via secured website with a certificate of identity and a unique encryption key DataFlex never has access to your data.


You get a working environment hosted in a Security Technical Centre with all the tools needed to work safely and economically. DeskFlex is a remote virtual office. The concept offers a professional IT infrastructure at lower cost.

From all types of devices, even simple, connected to the Internet, you get an extremely powerful desktop tool with an effective messaging solution and a large storage capacity. Your programs, your mail and your data are on our secured servers in our technical center. Your work is always under protection. Your computer does not use any resource because you interact directly with the remote server. You open applications on our servers and a video frame is sent to the station with which you interact directly.

5 advantages : mobility, security, configurable, economical and ecological.


Whether you are in appointment, abroad, at home or even in multi- site, a simple Internet connection is needed (even in EDGE, 3G , WiFi or ADSL).


Your work is constantly under protection . Our servers are located in a highly secure technical center (fire protection, secure internal access badge, cameras, ...). All your data is automatically saved by regular backups, our servers are highly secure against external threats such as viruses, spam, and... a software is installed on our servers to retrieve data if mishandled.


DeskFlex can be personnaly fitted to meet your needs. Whether it is capacity, licenses,... everything is adjustable. A new user can be created easily and it only takes a few minutes. And if you want to go back on a local server in your company, the replacement of your environment will be smooth and you get back all of your work environment.


With DeskFlex, you save at any level. Longer need expensive equipment difficult to maintain and quickly exceeded. With DeskFlex you can work from any devices. Maintenance and upgrades of our servers are managed by us. No need to invest large sums for your IT infrastructure, a simple Internet connection and small equipment such as thin clients and everything works.


Centralizing servers in our data center reduces the energy costs in one place. In addition, our technicians are no longer forced to move to intervene, they can work remotely from our offices . And therefore a reduction of carbon emissions due to the use of car Finally, the hardware is totally obsolete, you avoid having to periodically replace your equipment and having to recycle materials containing toxic substances such as mercury or lead.


You get a hosted PBX in a secured technical centre with all necessary features for your business phone. PhoneFlex is a complete virtual solution of IP telephony, remotely accessible. The concept offers a professional telephony infrastructure at lower cost. PhoneFlex is used in business, abroad, at home, on various sites, ...

PhoneFlex works with all types of IP phones : classical IP phones, softphone on a PC, Smartphone, ...

5 Benefits Phoneflex : flexibility, security, configurable, economical and ecological.


From a simple access to internet you can log into your account and phoneflex will treat all your communications. This allows you to work from home and to be able to interact with your colleagues and clients. If you work in multi-site, all communications between sites are free, even if the sites are located in different countries.


All your calls are continuously under high protection and are redirected to our station located in a highly secured data center. It is protected by a secured access badge. It also has internet connections and redundant power supplies, air conditioning to keep the indoor temperature at an optimum level and a powerful anti-fire system.


The concept of PhoneFlex allows custom settings. A new account is created in a few minutes. Your numbers can be recovered. You can get IP numbers worldwide redirected to your central.


The advantage of PhoneFlex is that it is not necessary to invest in an expensive and quickly outdated telephone exchange. In addition, the use of softphone also reduces purchasing IP telephones. You no longer have to worry about maintaining your very expensive telephone exchange, we take care of everything.


Simplification of phones, sharing infrastructure and limiting movement of technicians are elements that can reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

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