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For more than 10 years, our company has been committed to a sustainable approach in the tools and services we offer. This approach begins with extending the life of the equipment used by offering long-lasting and dematerialized in Data Center so that local stations are much less sensitive to the technological evolution of programs and services, thereby increasing their lifespan by several years. The buildings in which we provide accommodation for our services are also chosen according to their sustainable approaches. (reduction of consumption, use of green energy, etc.). The programs we develop are designed to allow as many people as possible to use them in a 'cloud' format in order to limit their impact. On the other hand, for several years, we have also started our process of adapting our offices and means of transport by optimizing the needs (reduction of our consumption, increase in the volume of telework, remote technical intervention, monitoring, etc.). Our offices are equipped to ensure complete neutrality of our CO² emissions since 2021. For more than a year, we have also started renewing our fleet of vehicles towards fully electric models. so that at the end of this year, 80% of our fleet will be renewed to reach 100% electric vehicles in 2024. Our ultimate goal is to be completely neutral in CO² emissions by 2025.

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