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More than half of small & medium companies were affected by viruses last year ! These figures are worthy of consideration and do not bode well for the future. Once again, they also draw attention to the necessity for an overall security strategy. The fact is that no company, whether big or small, that uses computers is safe from curses such as Slammer, MyDoom, Sasser, Code Red and other such nuisances. With the growth of e-mail, broadband Internet and local networks, the danger of viruses, spam and other harmful codes or software also increases.

Security also provides protection against loss of data (theft, storm, hardware crash, etc.) and provides data confidentiality, making sure that only those people who are authorised can access your data.

FLAG 2000 offers small & medium companies an overall security concept based on integrated and customisable technologies and methods

  • Global analysis of risks and definition of a security policy.
  • Recommendations in terms of basic security rules (passwords, etc.).
  • Management of access rights to installations, authentication systems, wireless networks, etc
  • Security of the Internet connection (audit of weaknesses, installation of a firewall, intrusion tests and controls, etc.).
  • Anti-virus management (installation, setting parameters, controls and updates).
  • Definition of a suitable backup policy for servers, work stations, laptops.
  • Organisation of secure tele-working (VPN solutions).

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