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As the global market continues to develop using wire-based and wireless Internet technology, the network infrastructure has become a strategic component in today’s IT. Current professional and technological progress requires a responsive network infrastructure, designed to control costs and reduce risks. FLAG 2000 can help you to plan, roll out, optimise, manage and operate your network infrastructure, regardless of the complexity and size of your company. This responds to the growing need of companies for reliable, efficient and extended connectivity between its employees.

FLAG 2000 integrates the study, implementation, management and analysis phases in a coherent manner

  • LAN and WAN cabled and/or wireless networks.
  • Telecommunications interconnection solutions (leased lines, xDSL, GPRS, IP/VPN, etc.).
  • Integrated telephony and tele-monitoring over IP solutions.

Our strengths

  • Smooth migration of the old network to a more efficient architecture, better suited to the company's productivity.
  • Implementation of a customised solution based on the correspondence between requirements and technical/financial possibilities.
  • Possible collaboration between the FLAG 2000 team and the company’s technicians who are able to carry out implementation.
  • Remote management & monitoring : we can manage, assist and monitor your IT infrastructure.
  • Standard maintenance contract on all elements of the network and IT infrastructure.
  • Integration, in network projects, of telephony over IP.

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