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Quick School

Free up your time to focus on your core business, this is the goal we set when creating Quick School.

The idea is to simplify all administrative tasks, such as the management and the scoring of children in care, billing, payment tracking parents, publishing statistics ONE, sending reminders to parents, but also the management of pools, canteens, school transportation or any others activies…

It helps you to avoid financial errors due to the manipulation of money.

Principle :

The principle is simple: for each activity, the child will be scanned from a key chain with a bar code placed on his briefcase. Quick School will initiate a series of processes : invoicing, payment reminder, statistics,...

The scanning of children is simple and requires no training.

Quick School functions :

  • Sheet schools / activities
  • Student Sheet
  • Parents Sheet
  • Import, export Excel files
  • Generate and print barcode
  • Storage function of various materials children, families, schools
  • Adaptation schedule / rates based on school
  • Frequent delays recovery of child management
  • Statistics ONE
  • Tax certificate for parents
  • Generate billing and mailing / email
  • History function bills Parents
  • Management of payment reminders
  • Banking Module to import excerpts from your bank (CODA, ISABEL)
  • Other activities :

    The principle can be applied to your various activities : school transport, canteen meals, pool management and your extracurricular activities.

    What we provide :

    We supply, install and configure the software Quick School and the scanning application. When can also provide the scanners or smartphone.

    Education :

    We take care of training your staff to use the Quick School software.

    Environment :

    To use Quick School it is not necessary to consider the purchase of a server, we provide access to our data center. Moreover, by this principle, the operation of Quick School can be expanded to multiple sites or multiple institutions. Access is safe and confidential. This service includes a backup solution.

    A fee all included :

    Needless to invest or to release funds, Quick School exists as a monthly fee includes access to the software on our servers, scanners (buying opportunity ), installation and training.

    Are also implemented for Smartphone :

    With a simple free application, available on Android 4.0, it is possible to scan the children directly from your smartphone. No need to have to carry a scanner, you can scan and the children wherever you are.

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